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Take your first step with HelpJester today!

We all need help at some point in our lives. Help for ourselves, our family, our communities, even our pets. Maybe you just need advice or help getting over some obstacle in your life.


HelpJester provides you with the opportunity to tell your story and be matched

with someone who has the means and desire to help.


Although we can't guarantee that all of our members in need will find their giving eMatch, we will do

our best to put your request in the hands of those who have the means to help.

Make your request below!

When an eMatch is found, you will be contacted via email. Check your spam or junk email folder periodically. 


Helpful Points:

HelpJester provides you with a safe and giving place to request help of any kind. Whether it is funds for a nagging bill, serious hardship or simply sage advice from someone who's "been there". Our growing community is here to help*. Please fill out this profile and provide as much information as possible. Your request will be posted by subject/category and offered to those in our online community who have the means and desire to help you in your time of need. 

*Please note that our eMatching system is based on the size of our community and people's ability to help. We cannot guarantee success for all of our members. Any posted information will be available to our giving members, but will not be shared with outside parties.

Be precise and to the point when making your request.


Be complete in your request, but respect the readers time.


Post a photo to help explain your need. 

Share to increase your chances of finding your eMatch.


Sharing will encourage others to become members of our community.


The bigger our community, the better your chance of finding your eMatch.

Be sure to spread the word!


Our community is small, but growing. Please be patient. It may take some time before our community of Helpers equal the requests of our members in need.

*As with other popular exchange or service sites, we count on the honesty and good faith of our members. We will do our best to weed out the scammers, but it's the responsibilty of our members to be caring yet cautious in giving or getting help.

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