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Beating Breast Cancer

by Andy Massari (for his wife)

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October's Breast Cancer Awareness month has officially started. There was a time when we would listen to the news and read about the stories, but never felt a deep connection to the cause. We knew of a colleague and maybe a distant friend or family member, but the C Word was only something we would hear happening to others and not us. We would feel sadness and heartbroken for those afflicted but not compelled to actually help or do something meaningful about it. It affects 15% of Americans and 1 in 8 women will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of their lifetime. Staggering statistics, but yet, we keep on doing our daily routines and not give it a second thought... until it hits home.
In June of this year, the love of my life, and wife of 15 years to the month, was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was not the happy anniversary month we were expecting. It was a life changing moment in our lives that will forever affect how we feel about the disease.
The last few months, have been very challenging, and there's still a big hill ahead of us, but if it wasn't for the unconditional love and support we have recieved, it would have been so much more difficult. I want to personal thank our immediate family, friends and neighbors for all they have done to help. It's has made a world of difference.
For those of you who are learning about it for the first time, your positive thoughts, love, prayers and help is welcome and very much appreciated. And if you felt sad but not compelled to do something meaningful, I urge you to seek a Cancer association and donate. You will be making a difference.
To my wife, Lisa Marie... you are the most amazing, loving and strongest woman I've ever met and I love you unconditionally. I will be right next to you, every step of the way, until the end of this journey. And it WILL be a triumphant one.

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